P for Pride!!

       Anand tried hard to recall what he had read! But he couldn't remember it for he had not understood it! He had mulled over that particular problem for hours but he hadn't got the gist of it. Finally he had given up trying thinking it wouldn't appear in exams, after all there were many more questions and this one probably shouldn't matter! But call it bad luck or fate’s weird sense of humor, now Anand sat with his head buried in his hands for he knew he was doomed. Just this one problem and he knew he could ace the exams, but there he was totally clueless, left with regrets as memories flashed by.

       “Oh I know that. It’s easy. I can teach you if you want” those words kept echoing in his ears. His friend Poorvi had offered help graciously. But Anand had brushed it off. If he, the topper didn't know it, then there was no way for Poorvi to know it. So he had totally ignored her offer. He had restrained from asking teachers too, for his pride didn't allow him to admit he didn't know something. So now he sat there, cursing his fate for all that was happening.

       Weeks later the results were out. Anand stood there near the notice board, staring hard at the result sheet. He was cursing the vile fate for he had missed topping the state exams just by few marks. “If only you had kept your pride aside and had been humble enough to seek help, this day wouldn't have come” said Poorvi as she stood by him watching her friend buried in thoughts. “I may not be as brilliant as you, but I do know few things. And there is no bad in learning what you don’t know from others” Anand realized she was right and for the nth time, he regretted the day when he had thought otherwise!

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