K for Kindness!!

           Anu was not at all in a mood to celebrate. This was supposed to be one of her favourite days but she was pissed off. It was her birthday. Anu always wanted everything to be perfect on this day, from selecting costumes to the dishes to be prepare on that day. One little mistake & she would create a huge fuss over it. And this time since it was her 18th birthday, she wanted it to be all more special but everything was different. There wasn't a single thing that was going as she planned. And for the party, her dad had strictly said a ‘No’. According to him, parties were waste of money.  

      He instead wanted to show her happiness can be found in little things. He told Anu that they would be going to the orphanage to celebrate her birthday with the kids there! She was terrified. She hadn’t done such a thing ever in her life. Her dad had promised her a better day but she felt devastated.

             Once they reached the orphanage, the kids started flocking all around them. They were told that since not many people visit them, kids get excited whenever someone comes to meet them. Anu was shocked seeing their reaction. It stirred a weird feeling in her, something she didn't recognize. Once they were inside, her dad asked her to distribute the sweets among the kids & she did so. Everyone took it happily. But there was one kid who stood at the last hesitating. With a very shy voice he asked, if he could have one more sweet. Anu agreed & handed him one. That lighted up his face totally & he smiled a bright smile & ran towards his room saying a thank you to her. Being the curious cat that she was, she quietly followed him, wanting to know why he wanted the extra candy & what made him so happy. And what she saw was really an eye opener for her.

         Lying on the bed was a small kid, whom Anu came to know later was the boy’s roommate. He handed over the sweet to him & sat there eating along with him. The kid was sick and the boy being his friend was taking care of him. Knowing he loved sweets, he had made sure to get one for him. Anu was dumb founded by the love she saw between them & unknowingly tears welled up in her eyes. Her dad who had been observing the whole thing said “Just partying isn't everything. Sometimes being kind to others can give a lot of happiness and satisfaction” Anu couldn't agree more! The act of kindness had opened her eyes.

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