Monday, 21 April 2014

R for Regret!!

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She cries out loudly,
As she remembers the past!
For a millionth time again,
She regrets her part!

She craves for a second chance,
To set things right!
She wishes to go back,
As she longs for her better half!

I wish I wouldn't have done it!
I shouldn't have fought!
Neither he would have gone out,
Nor would he have died!

It wasn't your mistake,
She was told by her friends!
It was just an accident,
Which you can do nothing to mend!

She tries to believe it,
That it wasn't her fault!
But! Oh but! She longs afresh,
As the flames of regret lash at her heart!

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)


  1. Her regret will be tempered by time.

  2. Time will heal HER pain and she will regret no more !

  3. Very nice but sad poem.Such regrets abound in many for unintended actions.

  4. Time is a big healer! She will feel 'at ease' after some time.

  5. Your poem lashed at my heart. Forgiving oneself is a hard thing to do. Beautifully written.

  6. Beautiful poem about loss and pain. Love the last line.

  7. Regret is a strange emotion. I try hard to never regret anything and move forward because forgiveness is a strength and regret is a weakness. Beautiful poem.

  8. The pain of regret and guilt is a difficult burden to bear. Your poem expresses that very well, Swathi. I like the way you have taken on the A-Z challenge. Well done!

    ~Shailaja's latest A~Z post

  9. Oh that was sad swathi !
    Powerful poem which has a sad feeling. Well penned
    Am dropping by from a to Z -
    Good luck with the challenge

  10. Wonderful poem Swathi. Very well written!!

  11. Sometimes it best to leave things to fate and know that no matter what one does, one can never change destiny. But yes, there is always the If, only thought that fails to leave our mind. Nicely penned Swathi :)

  12. Ahhh,... regrets.. reminds me of something.. but its the best to let go of them..

  13. regret is an emotion, that will bring my energy down, I have learnt to live without regrets, thanks for sharing !

  14. This reminds me of the song "Leader of the Pack" by the Chiffons - "Look Out Look Out Look Out!" I hope it's not written from personal experience...

  15. every things happens for a reason .. wonderful poem as always :)

  16. This reminds me of my regrets..even if I know it's not my fault but I do have regrets

    R for Ready-Random Thoughts Naba

  17. time heals :) n yea yet another poem which touches readers :) keep writing :)

  18. this thing called regret eats you from inside out...very difficult to convince yourself that it is not your fault...

  19. Aah! The pain of regrets... they can certainly kill you from inside!!

  20. There comes a time we have to learn how to let regret go.

  21. ah, those flames of regret.. You write so well Swathi - brings out her emotions...Feel sorry for her. Eventually she has to let it go I think,,

  22. Ahh regret. I have vowed in my life to never regret. Can it be done? Perhaps- every step, every choice takes us to where we need to be. Even if it brings pain, we have to accept that. Thanks for sharing this.

  23. I know many people who always say "No regrets" I can't agree. I also do not agree that time heals all wounds. I am an optimist - always looking for the best in everything but there is some pain that time can never heal. Just as there are some circumstances you can never fully recover from - I have counseled people in this area for decades as a result of what I have been through. We can encourage one another, we can change our focus, we can heal....but sometimes.......

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  24. Aah, one cant with regret all through.

  25. Regrets, whatever happened cannot be undone. But the pain is there.

  26. Aww this is so heartbreaking. Loved the ending lines.

  27. Everything tempers down with time, even regret.

    Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2014, My Latest post

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  28. Regret is such a painful feeling, Swathi. The fact that we can't turn back into the past and undo something.... life doesn't come with a ctrl Z !


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