J for Jealousy!!

       The first time ever in my life that I felt jealous, which I have a clear memory of, was when I was five! It wasn't for any toy nor was it about anything that could be bought! It was about sharing love! Yes you read it right! Now you might be thinking why on earth a five year old could possibly worry about sharing love! Don’t be surprised. I will tell you why.

       When I was five, my little brother was born. As much as the whole concept appeared like a miracle to me, I hated him because I clearly wanted a sister! And this guy, as soon as he had appeared, had started taking my place. My mom was at her native place when he was born and so was I along with her till then. But once he was born, I was sent back with my dad to our home. Reason? I would be bothersome and it would be difficult for mom to look after us both at the same time! He had just arrived and was taking all the attention!

       I used to throw tantrums and make fuss till mom finally came back. I had missed her so much! And that guy, I was still a little angry with him. The people who came to visit, instead of saying “What a darling daughter you have!” as before, started to say “Oh you have such a cute baby boy! He looks exactly like you. He has your nose, eyes… Blah blah blah!” He had started to take the lime light as soon as he was born! My grandparents, who always used to play with me, now were his devotees! My aunt, who used to buy toys for me earlier, now bought them for him. And my mom, she used to spend all the time with him. Whenever she took some time to be with me, he used to cry and she had to go. And what about me? I tried to seek attention too, by crying or creating fuss. But I was told to adjust. Why? Because I was the elder one! I was very jealous of him and the way every one used to ogle him.

       I was sent to school but he got to stay home all the time. He slowly started taking control over everything that was mine. My room, my toys, my TV, everything!! But along with all these, he took over something else too, my heart! When a baby that cute, whom everyone used to adore, adored me, the feeling was unexplainable. Slowly I was becoming his captive too. I stopped creating fuss to get noticed. Instead I started to play with him during my free times. I actually waited for those times. And when he first spoke, instead of saying mom like every kid does, he said “akka” (meaning sister) I was on cloud nine. The jealousy, long forgotten, had now turned into a beautiful relation, the one in which there is no place for anything negative as such! The beautiful relation of siblings…

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