V for Victorious!!

       This is my 50th blog post and just like the emotion for today, I feel victorious too :) Here goes my half century post :)

       When she heard the applause, she realized that the endless waking hours and the hard work had finally paid off.

       It hadn't been easy to manage everything at once; there were just 24 hours a day for her as it was for everyone else.

       She had faced failures at many points but passion and dedication to achieve something had always driven her to pursue her dreams amidst all.

       Now she stood there victorious, beaming as she received the reward for her painting, a hobby she had put her heart into.

       "Just a small vacation to treat myself, then I would get back to practice again" she thought.

(The story is fiction but the painting is mine ;) I did it few days back for a competition)

PS: Linking this post to the Five Sentence FictionA-Z Challenge and Ultimate Blog Challenge April 2014.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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