A for Anger!!

       “Alisha, listen to me once!” begged Rahul on the phone. But Alisha was in no mood to listen to anything! She was fuming with anger. It had been 3 days since they had last talked. Alisha had tried to contact Rahul but in vain. His cell phone was switched off. She was worried sick thinking about all sorts of bad things that could have happened to him; until the previous day when she had seen him zooming away in his bike. She was angry ever since and now he was finally calling and telling her he had lost his cell! What a stupid story thought she.

       “Just hear me out once dear, I promise you will get all your answers” Rahul pleaded but Alisha lost her temper! “I don’t want to hear any more of your stupid stories Rahul. Just go away and keep yourself busy with whatever you were doing till you remembered me now all of a sudden!” with that Alisha switched her cell off. She felt triumphant knowing he would try to contact her and couldn't. With that we are even now; she thought. But as time passed, Alisha started feeling uneasy. So she decided to visit her friend next day. She knew if anyone could cheer her up, then it would be her friend Neeta.

       Neeta was surprised seeing Alisha at her home. “I thought you would have gone to see off Rahul!” said she! Alisha was bewildered as to what Neeta was saying. Seeing her expression, Neeta understood that something was amiss. “Alisha, don’t you know Rahul and his mom met with an accident three days back? Rahul was lucky to have come out of it safely but his mother was seriously injured and she was admitted in my dad’s hospital. They are shifting her to the Bangalore hospital today as there is no improvement in her condition. I figured you would have been there whole time”

       Alisha now understood the whole scenario. So this was what Rahul was trying to tell her the previous day! She hurried to Rahul's home only to see it locked. They had already left. Oh how she wished she could have given him a chance to explain things. Her anger had blindfolded her from the truth and once it was over, now she was left with regret. She sat there crying & wishing she had done things differently!

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      Anger is a weakness. It can make us do extreme thing. It turns the table of our life within a blink and by the time we realize it, it will be too late! So control your anger before your anger controls you!

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