I was up early today and since I didn't have classes to attend, I decided to pass time reading news paper in the morning. I usually don't do this but I badly needed a distraction today. So I decided to read it anyhow. And the headlines read:

"The famous actress Zeba Khan gave birth to baby boy last night and both mother and child are safe. Her husband Farooq Khan thanks fans for their blessings. The whole nation is celebrating this news jovially"

       I was confused for a while. What was there about this news that made it to the headlines? A woman has given birth to baby. That happens every second in our country owing to its population! Then why make a big fuss about it? There were so many other issues facing our country, but ironically, the media chose this to make as the headlines!

       And sure enough, people were going gaga over the news. They went to temples and offered thanks to God. They celebrated as if the country had won some war! Every paper, every channel had it as the headlines. There were huge sighs of disappointment when the celebrity couple refused the allow the medias to take a picture of the baby!

       Its funny how fandom can make people react! All the important issues takes back seat when things like this happen. So much commotion over something so trivial. I was lost in thoughts about this whole thing when my friend called me. "Hey are you coming for the party?" I was confused. Was I missing something? I tried to remember if today's date signified any important event but I couldn't recall anything. "What's the occasion?" I asked. 

       "Arey! Our Mona is throwing a party for the whole class as her favorite celebrity and her child are safe. She is all excited" What!! I couldn't believe it! "Is she stupid?" I asked. "Well does it matter? As long as the party is good, I don't mind it" I smiled hearing her reply. She was right. I got back to my work instead of wasting time, because now I had a party to attend!! After all we had been so busy over the past few days and party sounded like a welcome break.

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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