T for Thankful!!

       They clapped as he cut the ribbon and entered his new office. Even though he had been successful in life, there wasn't any glitch in his demeanour. He was modest and down-to-earth kind of person. Never did he try to exploit his power, as many would do.

       It was Tuesday and as usual he visited the school. But this time, he was associate with his P.A. He stood there waiting for the bell to ring and as soon as it does, a girl about seven years old, came running towards him and hugged him. He took his time to enquire about her well being and about her studies. He gave her the cookies he had brought for her and after some time, dropped her off.

       He saw his assistants' eyes filled with curiosity, and could literally hear the wheel's of thoughts running. "Sir, is she...?" He cut her off mid sentence and started to share his past, the one that none knew. He had a distant look in his eyes as he recalled those days. "I was eight when my mom passed away. I had never seen my dad's face. When she dies, I was totally devastated and didn't know what to do. Hungry and crying, that's how he found me; the man who became the light of my life."
        "I didn't know who he was but he was a kind soul. He gave me shelter and a whole new life. He thought me the importance of knowledge. He also said never to look down on people, everyone had their own struggles. Today whoever I am, it is because of him. If that day he hadn't helped me, I don't know where and in what state I would have been! I am so thankful for his kindness. So when I saw this girl begging alms, I saw my past! So I have been helping her ever since. That way I wish to pass on the fortune that was bestowed on me"

       There wasn't need to say anything much after that. They drove in silence; both of them preoccupied with their own train of thoughts.

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