S for Surprise!!

       Zuni was visibly irritated. She had been planning so much about this day but the traitors had backed out. She wanted to enjoy, have fun, party hard. After all it was her day, her birthday but all her so called friends had miraculously forgot about it at once. Not even a single person in the group remembered to wish her. And the most frustrating part was, they did call her but not to wish her; instead to ask a doubt in chemistry! And when she herself called them and asked if they were free and could attend the party she would be throwing, they would ask her if there was anything special about the day! Did she buy anything new worth celebrating? Not knowing what to say, she would disconnect the call.

       She wondered how on earth everyone was busy on that particular day itself! Someone had been to their native, someone was going shopping and someone else couldn't come as she had to take her dog for a walk!! Huh!! The reasons they gave! She was tired of hearing them and she just gave up. She didn't care anymore; she had stopped expecting.

       Thus the day which was to be spent happily was now spent alone. She locked herself in her room; she didn’t feel like speaking to anyone. She started reading novels, thinking how they are more loyal than her friends. Just when she was about to fall asleep out of boredom, she heard the commotion outside on the otherwise calm street. At first she ignored it but when the voices got louder, she came outside to check what was happening and she was shocked!

       There stood her friends, her whole group, with cake and all other items needed for party. They started singing ‘Happy birthday’ right there on the streets while she stood there still surprised to even move. Tears brimmed her eyes as she realized how they had planned the whole thing together while she had sat there cursing them for not calling her. She was touched by the lengths they had gone to arrange all this. Obviously the element of surprise added all more to the scenario. Later while blowing the candles, she thanked God for such a wonderful bunch of friends.

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