Monday, 28 April 2014

X for Xenophobia!!

He looks at her with eyes full of love,
Wishing he could hold her once!
She was looking so fascinating to him,
Ever since she had come home that dawn.

Pleading with his eyes he bends again,
Urging her not to cry this time
But just as he was about to pick her up,
She started screaming at the top of her voice!

Her mom came running and he hid again,
For he felt ashamed on his part!
All he wanted was to just hold her once,
But she seemed afraid and reluctant of that!

Don’t be guilty; it's not your fault,
Said the girl's mom consoling him later.
Babies are afraid of the unknown people,
But she will soon start recognizing her brother!

The boy felt at ease hearing those words,
For he was afraid of having hurt the girl.
How could he understand about xenophobia?
When the poor boy was himself just five!

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Swathi :)


  1. The flow in the end is better than the verse in the beginning. Just saying! This makes for a good read..

  2. nice take..........


  3. aahaa :) lovely !! I can very well imagine the boy's confusion, and the mom's advice is perfect...babies are afraid of new faces :) Mothers are blessed that way because they're the only ppl babies aren't afraid of in the beginning ;) ;) ;)

  4. Awww the confusion of the little one!!!! But momma was right there!

  5. Ohh - that was cute, sorry for him, but It works out ... Happy you chose a Greek word today:-) Yay:-)

  6. Another fantastic post Swathi! Ironically I chose Xenophilia which is a love for foreigners :)

  7. Awww.. so cute! And how adorable is that image of him wanting to hold her. Precious sibling love. Beautiful Swathi!

  8. Its hard to find x words, well done on yours

  9. such a nice poem ^_^ x for Xenophobia learnt a new word :D tnx to u :D

  10. Very nicely depicted. And the little one someday will love her brother. Such a sweet story.

  11. nicely depicted the reality! loved it! :)

    p.s. i was about to write on get same topic! :-P

  12. The elder ones are always so confused when their younger siblings arrive, lovely poem.

  13. Aww! What a wonderful poem! :)

  14. Nice word! She will warm up to him in no time! ♥

  15. Oh yes, fear of the stranger...even if it is her brother :) Nicely done!

  16. confusion filled amusement :)

  17. Beautiful poem, touching the heart:)

  18. cute chemistry between the siblings... well expressed.. thanks for that new word..

  19. Xenophobia! How interesting a rhyming narrative :-)



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