E for Embarrassment!!

       It was the first day of college after semester holidays. And the excitement was all the more as we would be now entering the branch. We were no more fresher’s now. We were seniors! And the thought itself made us happy. I was very excited about this whole thing. 

      The next morning, in my excitement, I missed bus! I had thought I was on time and called up the driver uncle thinking they missed our route; only to find out I was wrong! Talk about making fool of oneself! So I waited for another half an hour and then caught the next bus and finally made it to college for next period. I was making up excuses in my mind in case some faculty asks me why I was late but I received a different welcome, one that I hadn't anticipated! There wasn't any class going on but the girl to whom I had informed the previous day that the class would start from 7:30 stood up and welcomed me with an “Oh now you are coming when you asked me to come at 7:30!” her voice showed her irritation! She wouldn't believe me no matter how many times I told her that I missed bus! I simply walked over to sit in the last bench (Yeah! I am a proud back bencher!)

       The classes hadn't started yet, so we started chatting. One of my friends had got a new mobile, an android one! At that time android phones were still new. Excited, I started exploring it. I had an aversion to touch screen phones and still hadn't got the hang of them! While going through her playlist, I accidentally hit play and to my horror, the popular item song “Aa re pritam pyaare” started playing! In shock I pressed a button which locked the screen and I couldn't unlock it as I didn't know the pattern! I didn't even know where the damn speakers were to cover them at least to minimize the sound effect! The whole class turned silent and everyone started looking in our direction. Finally my friend took it from me and stopped the song. Every one started 'ooh'ing and 'aah'ing over the song I had played! They were all having a good time laughing over it! I was so embarrassed. I wished I could dig a hole and bury deep inside.

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       That day I had simply slept till the next lecturer came but now when I remember it, I can’t stop laughing either!

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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