Q for Qualm!!

       “You can trust me hon! I won't cheat you” said Arnav. He was very sweet and Shruthi can't help but fall for his every word. Arnav was her Facebook friend. It hadn't been long since they started chatting and he was already claiming that he loved her. “Just one look at you and I couldn't stop myself. You are so beautiful! I love you!” he had said. Shruthi had denied it, she didn't believe a single word he said but he was good at persuasion! So here was Shruthi falling for him, even when her gut instincts screamed at her that this couldn't be true! She had always longed for someone who cared and when Arnav was proving to be that person, how could her heart not accept him? She was in Qualm!

       “What’s the matter Shruthi?” asked Monica the next day seeing her confused and low. Shruthi couldn't bear the qualm anymore and she blurted out the whole story to her friend. “I don't know what to do Monica. He seems sweet and genuine but my instincts tell me that it's fake!” said she as she cupped her hands and hid her face. “Don't worry dear, we will soon find out! Till then just hang on. Don’t jump to conclusions” Shruthi continued to chat with Arnav and everyday it was becoming difficult not to fall for him. Such a sweet heart he was. She could no longer deny his love!

       “I think he is good Monica. He cares for me a lot! I don't think he is faking it” said Shruthi when she met her friend next day. Monica was very calm as she spoke “I sent him request the day you mentioned about him and I have been chatting with him ever since. You won’t believe anything I say, so I want you to have a look at it yourself” she said as she handed over her phone. Shruthi sensed that something big was about to happen as she took it and started to read. There were same messages of love in the chat that he had sent to her. He had promised Monica that he loved only her and it was true! All those cheesy things he had sent her were here too. “I didn't want to chat with him like this but this was the only way for me to find out if he was honest! And you know the result! It is right in front of you!” said Monica as she saw her friend’s face contort in pain.

       Shruthi cried for a while but she was sadder that she had been stupid enough to believe in some random stranger.”It’s not your fault dear. People like Arnav are all over the social sites, trying to fool innocent people. It has happened with most of us. But isn't it good that you realized it before it was too late? From now on lets be careful before trusting some random stranger we met and falling in their traps!” said Monica as she gently caressed Shruthi's head for she knew her friend would be fine.

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