Y for Yearning!!

       Jo sat there staring at the wall and thinking. She was all alone in her hostel room. A year back, she would have given anything to get this. She had always yearned for freedom; she wanted to lead an independent life. She had pestered her dad for a long time before she finally got him to agree upon this. On the day he agreed, her joy knew no bounds. She felt like her dreams were finally coming true. No constant supervision of parents, no need to ask permission of every little thing; it all had seemed like heaven to her.

       But now when she had got all that, she realized how wrong she was. She missed her home, the constant care of mom, the silly fights with siblings, and the home made food. It all seemed like a distant dream now. Of course she enjoyed being with friends but the love and care she received at home, that was something that no one could replace. She sighed as she thought again how wrong it was of her to think that she wouldn't miss all those moments.

       “Hey aren't you coming for dinner?” asked her friend who just came in. Jo got up reluctantly and dragged herself to the canteen wishing she could just go back home and have food from her mom's hands.

image source: inspirably.com

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