Mind Reading!

       As they sat there having coffee, she wished for the hundredth time that she could get a glimpse of his mind. There were about to get divorced in mere week and he appeared so calm on the outside! She was burning inside with everything going on. Was he really that indifferent to her feelings? Sigh! If only she could read his mind!

      "I wish she understands" I heard him saying and looked up to see what he meant. He was looking straight ahead, staring into the distance, not looking at anything in particular. He appeared to be lost in thoughts. "Did you say something?" she asked, which broke his revere. He suddenly seemed to notice his surroundings and then looked at her. "She is still so beautiful; just like when I saw her first" he sighs and says "No, I didn't say anything" With a shock, she realized that her wish had been granted. She didn't quite know what to make out of it. She tried to focus on him. His thoughts were a jumble of the events, of all the time they had spent together. She was finally understanding the depth of his feelings for her. But yet she was unsure of the decision.

       "So you think we are doing right by getting divorced?" she asked. She wanted to be sure. "Yah, sure" he replied without even making an eye contact. But she heard it all clearly; his thoughts. He so wished he hadn't lied to her that day, which was the root cause for all the misunderstanding. He wished he hadn't signed the papers at once and tried to set things right. He wished he could still ask her to stay; beg her even if that what it takes! But he knew she would just refuse it. After all, he had broken her heart and stomped over its pieces. He wished he could just tell her how much he loved her and how his world will be incomplete without her! But with every thought and pain hidden in his heart, he gives her a weak smile.

       She sat there dumbfounded realizing the intensity of his love for her. He was scared to make the move, afraid to hurt her and also afraid of the rejection. But couldn't she confess it? After all, she loved him too; with all her heart. True, she had been angry that he had lied to her. But doesn't all relationships go through this? All that mattered in the end was their love for each other, which would  help them survive all the odds. She slowly woke up and got on her knees, the way he had done when he proposed her first. She saw the shock on his face and could hear his thoughts turn into confusion but she didn't stop. She knew she had to do this. "I am sorry I made a mess out of all this! Will you forgive me and be with me forever? Just like we had promised earlier?"

       He was completely bewildered to answer her question. A million thoughts ran through his mind. "Was he dreaming? Was she really doing this? Did she love him enough to forgive him?" The list of questions was long. But there was something else; happiness. Happiness at the possibility of a new life with the girl he loved so much. He tried to speak; he knew she was waiting. But words failed him. Just tears ran through his eyes and he sat there crying like a child. But she had read his thoughts and was fully aware of how he was feeling. In an instant, she was there by his side, cupping his face in her hands and whispering to him that everything was okay. Their lips met slowly and she savored the moment, all the while listening to his thoughts which mirrored her own; happiness. She thanked the unknown source, which had given her this power and saved their dying relationship!

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