M for Misery!!

She sighs again at the sight of me and strolls away.

Oh how I wish she wouldn't do this to me.

It’s been quite a time since we are together but she rarely looks at me.

She always has time for her friends, to party with them but when it comes to me, she doesn't have time or sometimes she is not in the 'mood'!

I long for her touch, for the time she will be willing enough to look at me and only me.

I know she thinks me as the root cause for her misery but that never was my intention!

Why doesn't she understand me!

But I know, soon a day will come, when I will be the only one on her mind day and night alike.

And those days aren't far away.

Get ready to be Mine...


Textbook!! :D :P


A sincere thanks to my internals which are starting from today, for this wonderful inspiration, without which this post wouldn't have come out! :D

And also, my favourite blogger happens to be celebrating her birthday today. Wishing Shailaja a very happy birthday :) Have a blessed year ahead ma'am :) May you write lots and continue inspiring people like me :) 

PS: Linking this post to the A-Z Challenge 2014 and Ultimate Blog Challenge April 2014.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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