C for Care!!

image source: imranmewati.blogspot.com

Wounded soul with broken wings
There lies the bird, in the middle of the street.
Fighting way out of the decomposed mess around,
But failing all the while, thanks to its gaunt wings!

People stopped by, feeling sad for it,
Cursing the vile fate for doing so with it!
“Oh poor bird, I wish it would be fine”
Exclaimed everyone, as they simply passed by.

Then came a girl, with heart of an angel
Who picked up the bird out of the mess!
She took it with her and nursed its wounds,
And fed it every day, till it felt fine!

Everyone had showed sympathy,
But it didn't help the bird.
It began to heal slowly,
As it got the care from the girl!

One fine day, the bird recovered,
It flapped its wings with joy as it flew!
A smile crossed her beautiful lips,
As the girl realized she saved a life.

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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