G for Guilt!!

      He saw the face of his two year old sleeping peacefully in the cradle. It was such an innocent and reassuring thing. For once he felt content. But the guilt started overpowering the happiness as he remembered the heinous crime he had done! He had yet again given in to the pleasure of gambling and had spent all his money and some more in the greed of winning. All he wanted was to double his money and in the process he had end up losing everything. Now he had debts to repay!

       “There is no milk in the house. Would you mind running an errand and buying some? Our son might wake up any time now” shouted his wife from the kitchen. He winced as he heard it. How could he say it to her, say that he had failed them yet again? He knew she would understand him and probably forgive him too, for the kind soul that she was. But the guilt in him wouldn’t let him do that. He wished for the millionth time that he had showed some more restraint and had refrained himself from doing so.

       ‘Past is past!’ he thought as he tried to convince himself. But the innocent face of his son kept disturbing him a lot. “What about my future?” he felt the question being posed at him. He tried desperately to find an answer. Minutes later he said “I won’t let anything affect your happiness” as he kissed his son gently and walked out to find a new job, this time with a determination to change himself!

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       Guilt can affect you greatly! Either you can sit back and let it swallow you completely or you can face it and learn not to repeat the same mistakes again and move on, to be a better you!

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