And She Fell In Love!

       Isha had always been a dreamer. Most of the times, she would be just physically present in a place but her mind will be else where; in the dream world to be precise! She kept weaving fantasies and getting lost in them, seldom paying attention to her surroundings!

       Monday morning and the canteen was filled with students during the break time. Isha was as usual lost in her dream world, somewhere in a fancy place, running from the bad guys, searching for her hero who would rescue her; typical bollywood story! She was jolted out of it, when her friend Kanika said "Isha, you got to look at him, he is so hot!" and that was all it took to distract Isha. She looked at where Kanika was pointing and she gasped!

       Kanika was right! The guy sure was hot! The guy in the dream world long forgotten, Isha had a twinkle in her eyes as she checked him out. Tall and well built frame, his brown unruly hair, perfectly complimenting his hazle eyes. Just when she thought he couldn't be anymore perfect, he caught her staring at him and smiled as he turned away. Isha was completely dazzled! Her favourite bollywood song started playing in the back of her mind 'Tumko Dekha, To Ye Khayal Aaya' and without missing a beat she said "Kannu, I think I am in love"

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       Having crushes had always been as easy as that for Isha. One look and she believed she was in love and then started the next part; spying. Kanika and Isha started to find out about the guy and soon they had found out a whole lot. "His name is Abhay, he is a transfer student, new to college, he is from Delhi and he is the state basket ball champion! He works out every morning, some thing he never misses out. He loves capucchino and his favourite color is black!" breathed Isha in one go to Kanika. "It's ironic how you found out all that just in a day!" exclaimed Kanika.

       Isha couldn't forget that smile. She was madly in love. She wanted to see Abhay again. She tried to distract herself a lot but nothing worked. Whatever she did, he was there in her thoughts all the time and refused to leave. Desperate to talk to him, Isha decided she would go to gym next morning, something which she wouldn't have done otherwise, hoping her lucky stars would be in her favour. Next morning she woke up early, dressed in black she headed toward gym, rehearsing what she would say to him all the while, contemplating how to make it appear rather casual. She reached the gym and when she was about to push the door, she heard someone talking from inside.

       "Baby you know I took transfer and came to this place only to be with you! How can you be mad at me? You know I love you" Isha Stopped dead on her tracks! She couldn't believe what she heard. She peeked inside hoping it wouldn't be him but things seldom go as one's wish. She saw Abhay kneeling down with a rose in his hands looking earnestly at the girl standing before him, who was now smiling at his sweet gesture. Isha couldn't take it any more! She ran towards her room. How many times had she dreamt of this situation, with her in the girl's place. Her dreams had ended even before they started. And she couldn't stop crying.

       It took a couple of days before Isha could finally attend her classes normally. She buried herself in the library, a place seldom visited by students, to seek some peace. When she was wallowing amidst the pile of books she had kept in front of her to avoid the gaze of people, a voice asked "If you are not reading it, can I borrow that book, Miss?" Isha looked up to see a cute guy flashing a charming smile at her, expecting her reply. And yet again, without any conscious effort on her part, her mind started playing the song "Tumko Dekha, To Ye Khayal Aaya" Her sorrow long forgotten, she smiled as she handed over the book and rushed to tell Kanika about her new found love!

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       Aah! The teenage crushes!! ;) 

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