B for Brave!!

       Nisha had developed a phobia of depths ever since she had almost drowned in the beach last time. Swimming had been her passion till that life taking incident happened! From that time, she had never stepped into the waters, even after her parents tried to speak some courage into her. Nothing worked and finally they had stopped trying.

      It was a scorching hot day and everyone from Nisha's class had been to a school trip. It was a beautiful beach and the view was breathtaking. It appeared as if the sky and the earth were meeting at the other end of the ocean. Everyone was stunned by the beautiful sight. Once the initial excitement settled in, some went near the waters and some went to make sand castles. But Nisha sat at a distance watching them, reminiscing the past.

       Just then she heard some children shouting loud. There was a crowd forming at the shore. People were getting impatient. Nisha hurried to see the reason for all the commotion and the sight left her shocked. Her friend who was playing at the shore was drowning. She was trying to fight the waves but the tides kept pulling her back. Deja-vu hit her as the day started flashing before her eyes when she had experienced the same thing. She was trying to fight the tides, but she went on drowning until she finally had lost consciousness, all thanks to the cramps she had got. The day had left her scarred for life.

       Now seeing the same thing happening to her friend, she couldn't stand back. She cried desperately for someone to help her drowning friend. But nobody came forward. Everyone stood there watching and expressing their sympathy. Finally Nisha made up her mind and stepped into the water. At first she couldn't make it but then seeing her friend, she took courage and fought bravely. Slowly her years of practice paid off and she got a hold of herself. And she saved her friend.

       Her parents were shocked when they heard about this. They had spent hours together trying to inspire Nisha again but nothing had helped. But seeing someone she loved dying, the fighter in her couldn't take it and she had dived in to help her. Sometimes the fears die away when being brave is the only option left.

image source: www.planetimprov.com

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