N for Nostalgia!!

       Today we had finished lab early and had nothing to do. So we started discussing about this and that! Suddenly popped up the topic of our school days when someone asked “Do you remember how silly it was the way we used to say ‘Katti’ to indicate we are henceforth stopping conversations!”

    With that a fresh round of discussion began, about all the memories of those good old days. Back then hearing ‘Katti’ from a friend was the scariest thing! Peek-a-Boo, thief and police, chain cut, hop scotch were the favorite games played during P.E periods. And when it came to indoors, name-place-animal-thing was on top! Getting scolding from teachers would instantly bring tears while receiving praise was equal to an award! Biggest fear was to forget home work! Or losing things and getting chided at home for it.

       Evening time was divided as play time and TV time. Going out for games was fun and meant socializing unlike today’s social media where you connect with people far away while ignoring the person right next to you! Though there weren't technologies like now to keep us connected 24*7, the bonds were strong! School was fun and holidays were boring as we couldn't meet friends.

       One common dream every one of us had was to grow up fast and enjoy life. But now if I think about it, I feel those innocent days were the best part of life. Nothing much to worry about and yet so many reasons to be happy; every little thing used to make us happy and excited. I wonder now why we were in such a hurry to grow up! If ever asked which phase of life that I would like to go back if given a chance, then it would definitely be those innocent days of childhood, the golden period of my life.

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