My theme for this year's A to Z Challenge is A Reader's Take, where everyday I will be picking out a novel title corresponding to that day's letter and write my post based on it. To make it more challenging, I have decided to write a serial story. The novel I have selected for today is 'Betrayed'

Chapter 2

(Read the previous chapter here.)

Ayaan hit the accelerator hard. He didn't care about the expletives that were thrown his way by other drivers, thanks to his rash driving. They could swear all they want, for he didn't give a damn about it. Lost in his thoughts, he almost hit the woman who was crossing the road with her toddler. Any other day, he would have stopped and made sure they were alright but not today! He was in a hurry.

"Damn you Kayra" he swore under his breath. It was her fault that he was in such a mood. What was wrong with the girl? First the silence and now this sudden decision! 'The girl has lost it' thought Ayaan as he sped through the traffic, almost skipping the signal! He was in the middle of an important meeting when a worried Mrs Sharma, Kayra's mother had called him to inform him about Kayra's sudden decision and begged him to come over to help her out in changing Kayra's mind.

Ayaan, the only heir to the ever so popular SN Industries, didn't have many friends to go with. He had learnt it hard way that the bucks in his pocket was more preferable to his friends than his company. They were all fair weather friends, whom he didn't need. Kayra was the one true friend he had but by the look of things, it wasn't going to last long either! He felt betrayed! He didn't know the reason behind Kayra's decision. All he knew was he wasn't letting her go easily!

About today's novel: Today's title is an inspiration from 2 novels that are titled Betrayed! One is a novel by P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast, which is the 2nd novel in the popular paranormal series - House of Night and the other is by Lyndsey Harris, Andrew Crofts. 

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