D for Depression!!

       Little Diya watched as her parents started to fight. Her dad had come home drunk again and her mom was shouting absurdities at him. Obviously the man wouldn't take it quietly and he would shout too. And the fight would go on, till he would either walk out or sometimes hit his wife in anger! This had become a daily routine in Diya’s home. She wouldn't understand what this whole thing was about; she was only ten years old. She longed for some love, some care but she got none. Her mother, drowned in her own sorrow, never paid attention to Diya's needs and her father never cared.

       Poor Diya used to see kids of her age talk lovingly about their parents. She longed for the same love. She cried she threw tantrums; she did everything she could to catch the attention of her parents but all she got was scolding and some beating for her misbehavior! Not knowing what to do, the girl slowly started to withdraw into her shell. She stopped complaining or expecting; she had totally stopped talking with anyone. The girl went to depression; she had become like a living corpse. Her performance too went down in school.

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       That’s when it finally caught attention of her teacher. She at first tried talking to Diya but she wouldn't speak a word! She slowly got from the neighbour's that this might be due to the ill environment of her home. It hurt the teacher to see how a bright kid was suffering due to her parents’ mistake! She tried talking some sense in her dad which didn't help. But mother’s heart started to melt. She realized how her negligence was the reason for all this! She stopped worrying about her own self and started to take care of her daughter. She avoided the fights, no matter how much it hurt her to see her husband waste his money on drinking when it was difficult to even make the ends meet. She worked hard and with the help of the kind teacher, she was finally becoming successful in breaking the ice that had formed around Diya's heart. The girl was finally coming out of depression.

       Now years later, Diya still shudders at the memory. “Not having anyone to talk to is probably one of the biggest reasons to get depressed. I am glad my teacher helped me at the time when I needed it the most or I wouldn't have been able to cope up with it alone!” she says as she proceeds to counsel her next patient who is a victim of depression!

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