H for Hatred!!

       Suresh and Varun had grew up together ever since childhood. The kind who had started nursery in the same school and who were graduating from the same university. While they could have been best of friends, things were seldom that way! Varun had always hated Suresh since his childhood. Suresh was always first in everything and that was something Varun couldn't accomplish! He always wished for a chance to defeat him.

       There was a run for the ‘Best Student’ award in the college and both of them were nominated for it. Varun thought that this was his chance to defeat Suresh. He put all his effort in every challenge, all the while thinking that he had to defeat his nemesis this time. That would be the only way for him to quench his hatred. 

       “There was a close competition but the winner could be only one” announced the anchor, repeating his year old lines again. “Though the two seemed eligible enough, one had to be chosen in the end. A big round of applause for our winner Suresh! And also for the guy who was close, Varun” The crowd cheered. Everyone was congratulating him but Varun heard none of it! He was boiling inside. Yet again he had been defeated!

        Varun could no longer take the humiliation! “It must have been fun, to watch me lose to you every single time! Isn’t it?” he spat at Suresh who was shocked by the intensity of hatred that was thrown at his way. He understood how it might have been for Varun.  “Only if you had focused on yourself instead of focusing on defeating me, you probably would have won long back!” said he and left.

       Varun stood there petrified on hearing Suresh's words! He finally began to realize where he was going wrong all these years! He was so much focused on Suresh that he had forgotten that the hatred he was nurturing was slowly destroying him! "Now I know where to put my efforts" he thought as he let go of the hatred!

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