Where to Find Happiness?

       Today during training, one of our trainers asked "Where do you find happiness?" The answers varied widely. Many in the class started giving material reasons that make them happy. Then the instructor said, there are so many reasons that make us happy, but though they influence us, happiness is an internal factor. Now that gave me a lot to think about.

      What makes us happy? Time with our friends? Lazy time? Promotions? The list may go on. But is it really these things that make us happy? If so, then what about the time when we don't get these things? Will we stop being happy? Time changes and so does our priorities. Something that we like today might not be that important tomorrow. Someone we love today might walk away tomorrow. So does that mean we stop leading our life? Or rather lead life without zeal?

       Life goes on. It doesn't wait for anyone or anything. So it is always up to us to decide how we want to lead it. We wish to be happy or brood over the unpleasant things; it's totally our choice.Time changes, people come and go; so does hardships. But one thing remains constant - us. And it is us, who can decide how we wish to be. Happiness indeed lies within. It is our sole decision. Nothing or no one can hurt us unless we give them the power to do so. Thus, instead of giving them power to make us sad, why not give ourselves a chance to be happy? Don't even give the key to your happiness to someone else. Don't fix a range for happiness. Let yourself free and enjoy little things. Be it watching sunset or dancing in the rain, every little thing matters. Stop complaining and be happy with whatever you have. Dream big but don't forget to appreciate what you have currently. Value that one person who matters the most - yourself! Give yourself a chance to be happy everyday; you deserve every bit of it. After all happiness is an internal factor and only you have the power to take it away from yourself; no one else can!

       So what is it that is stopping you from being happy?

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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