Black - My Favorite!

       Black is the love of my life. I have always been drawn to this color which defines mystery and power! Whenever we go shopping, it is the black items that catch my eyes first. My list of favorites is so long that I couldn't finish writing about them in one post. So here is another, with the next five black things I wish to own!

1. A Book Shelf
       I love reading novels and it is not only reading that I love. I love to collect those novels and want to build my very own personal library someday. How awesome that would be! That would be a dream come true. For that I want book shelves and Black is the color.

2. Black Diamond
       Diamonds are what most of the girl wishes for! It enhances the beauty. Even though there are thousands of white diamonds, it is the black diamond that catches the attention. So next on my wish list is a pretty Black Diamond Ring.

3. DSLR Camera
       No! Hold your thoughts! Don't form the opinion that I am one of those who love photography to the core, enough to make it a part time hobby and opening up photography pages and blogs! Though I am not obsessed about it, I pretty much love to capture images of moments and things that make me happy. I love going through those pictures when I am bored. What better than a DSLR camera which can capture pictures with superior quality, making them look dignified! 

4. Microphone
       Singing is something I love dearly. I was sent to vocal classes from the age of 5 I guess! First trained as a classical singer and then to sing to the tracks of Karaoke. Of course I love both classical and rock music. The feeling I get when I hold a Microphone in my hands while singing; well you can understand the ecstasy only if you are a singer yourself. So this one is a must on my wish list!

5. Guitar
       I have always wanted to learn guitar. But never got a chance to. My mom used to say I would need to buy Guitar if I join classes and buying a guitar was out of question! So my dream remained a dream. But someday I am going to learn Guitar and rock the stage.

       I so wish I could get them all someday and wish that someday will arrive soon!

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)


Swathi :)

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