Monster Bookmark!

        Of late everything except studies seem interesting! Such is the charm of study holidays. When exams are stretched for more than a month, you reach saturation level before the last exam and try to find ways to ward off boredom. While I was busy on one such quest, I found a super cute book mark made by Rajlakshmi, who blogs at Destiny's Child. Being an art lover, I just couldn't wait to try it out. So I took papers and scissors and started off with the bookmark. After 10 minutes, this was the result.

       That is the cute monster and here it goes sinking its teeth into my book!

       Fun isn't it? This is the exact replica of the book mark Rajlakshmi made. Now that I have done this, more creatures are going to emerge soon. Stay tuned for them. And if you want to know how to make one for yourself, here is the tutorial posted by Rajlakshmi. I owe you for this one dear. I am totally loving it!

PS: Linking this post to the Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2014 and NaBloPoMo.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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