A Magical Reality!

       She sat in the corner, cursing her son. All she wanted was him to spend time with her. But he was busy typing away something fervently on that 'thing' he loved. She never really understood what the big deal was about it. Everyone these days were becoming its devotee. Even her grandson, who was five, loved playing with it. She sighed remembering her good old days where playing meant going out and mingling with friends. "It feels like a different life time altogether" she thought. Whatever it was, she would never go near that, what was it, ah 'laptop' she said suddenly remembering the name of that 'thing'!

       "Ma, Spoorthi says it is a baby girl" she hears her son Aditya calling out and her anger melts away instantly at the mention of the good news. She had been waiting for this day ever since her daughter had informed her that she was expecting. She had been restless that whole day as she still hadn't heard from Spoorthi and had been to talk with Aditya about the same. When she had found him busy, her temper had flared. But now, the sweet news of a granddaughter had made her forget everything. Her face broke into a toothless smile. "Shall I start packing? I so want to see her" she said, already getting up and rushing towards her room, as fast as old age allowed her. There was no reply. She turned to see Aditya standing in the hallway with his head hanging. It was a look she recognized well. She knew from experience what he would say next and without missing a beat he said "Sorry ma. I have an important meeting tomorrow. We can't go for another two days" Her face fell. The smile adorning her face slowly vanished and she left without a word.

       That night she sat alone, wishing that she could go see her daughter and her little one. But without Aditya, she couldn't make the journey alone. Her health was uncertain and the doctor had forbidden her to travel alone. She knew Aditya was busy but still her heart refused to come in terms with that. "Ma?" Aditya came and sat near her holding his laptop. "Take that away from me. That is what keeps you busy all the time" she said, pain evident in her voice. "I will Ma. Before that, look at this just once" he said and placed the laptop in front of her. She was about to scold him when the most beautiful sight caught her eyes.

       There on the screen, she saw Spoorthi holding her little one, who was fast asleep. Her tiny fingers were closed tightly in a tiny fist and her face was angelic. The child’s little frame moved steadily with each breath it took. She didn't understand how it was that she was seeing all this but she cherished it. Her eyes welled up with tears of joy. "Bless you my child" she said extending her hand, which were slightly trembling, as if to touch the child and saw her daughter smile in response. And as for Aditya, he knew he would be forgiven. He said a silent thanks to Skype for making it possible!

PS: I had written this story as a part of my internship where I had to write a story based on the positive impact of technology. 

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