An Incomplete Love Story!

       I still remember the day I first saw her. It was a beautiful rainy day and the weather was so romantic. The rain had just subsided into a quite drizzle and I was playing with the dew drops that had accumulated over night. The sun was rising slowly over the horizon and the dew drops turned a brilliant golden color as the sun rays penetrated through them. I had thought the morning couldn't get any more beautiful but I was proved wrong. It was on such a lovely morning I saw her. She was fragile and small; yet her beauty was breath taking! I was charmed just by looking at her. That day I had swore I would take care of her and protect her from everyone.

       She was everything I was not – beautiful, charming. Her beauty attracted everyone. There wasn't a single person who hated her. They were just waiting for her to grow up, so that they could covet her. But I had sworn I would make sure that no one caused her any harm. I stood by her day and night as her guardian angel whom she trusted blindly. I guess she understood my love for her. We spent every minute together; enjoying the rain or the sun light or sometimes the cool breeze that tingled our senses.  

      And soon came the day when she grew up into a beautiful maiden. If she was beautiful before, now she looked enchanting. Everyone would stop by to appreciate her charm and some even tried to take her away with them. But I taught them all a lesson. After all I was her knight. Our love story was flourishing beautifully until he came by. I recognized him in an instant. He was my enemy; he had taken away the ones I loved even before and now he had come yet again. I wouldn't let him take her this time!

       I fought and I fought with all my might. I cut through his fingers and saw little beads of blood ooze out. He cursed me and took out his weapon; the one he used to kill my kind. In a swift motion of his weapon, we were separated from each other and I lay on the ground taking my last breath. I saw his victorious smile as he took her with him, leaving me behind to die. I had known all along that this would happen someday. After all, everyone wanted her, the beautiful Rose. Who wanted me, the Thorn, which would prick their fingers! I could just hope that the Rose will remain safe, for I could no longer protect her now!

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