Friday 18 July 2014

Diagnosis of Study Holidays!

       These days, there is a serious epidemic affecting students from all over the country! From college students to graduation students to post graduation students, everyone is a poor victim of this heartless disease! The disease however is found to be periodic, making its appearance only during certain period. Experts are trying to find a antidote to this but not much success has been achieved. While they try to find a solution, here is a diagnosis that I made which would help us understand the problem more clearly.


Name: Study Holidays

DescriptionIf there is a fever that can hit students in a magnitude greater than exams, then that must be the torture of Study holidays! Though it says study holidays, there is scope for everything except that; students can neither study nor can they enjoy these as holidays. When they try to study, the holiday mood and laziness takes over. And when we try to enjoy, guilt for wasting precious time, that takes out all the fun! In short, these days are nothing short of purgatory!

Age group of patients: 16 to 24 (or sometimes more)

Season: A month before Exams

Duration: A month or so, depending on the college and universities.

Primary Symptoms: Boredom, Insomnia, Tension, Mood Swings, Hike in creativity, etc

       The symptoms are rather found to be quite a long list! Some of the peculiar behaviors of the patients affected by this fever are as follows:

  1. Everything except books become interesting. Even a dot on the wall or staring just at a blank wall that has been there since ages, suddenly seems like the most interesting thing on earth!
  2. Textbooks look like their mortal enemies with whom they try to break up every single day, but fail miserably.
  3. Interaction with patients affected by the same increase dramatically as they call each other everyday to find out what progress the other has made. ("How much did you finish?" being a commonly heard question) The telephone companies are found to make more profit during these days!
  4. The patients make groups and try to fight the disease together by making plans for the coming days, like what to study, how much to study. But these remain just that, a plan!
  5. Hunger suddenly increases dramatically during odd hours at the sight of text books and dies down at lunch and dinner hours!
  6. Textbooks are always accompanied by their best friend - sleep! In the process of reading, textbooks end up being used as pillows.
  7. There is a sudden interest in every activities whose mere existence was unaware before! This includes crafts, drawing, gardening, to mention a few!
  8. There is a sudden interest in every Indian Saas-Bahu serial which were boring before! However, this interest is found to be temporary. Once the exam ends, the interest dies down automatically.
  9. This one is especially seen in writers and/or Bloggers. Their head is brimming with ideas for different stories! But there is no time to write down. Why? Because they are too busy planning what to study!
  10. The day starts with the thought "What to study?" which occupies the mind whole day, never posing an answer, and ends with regret for wasting one more day and promise to make it up the coming day! And this coming day never actually comes!
  11. While some are found on Whats app and Facebook 24*7, some others are found performing dangerous stunts like deleting Facebook accounts and Whatsapp from their cell phones. However, after trying continuously, they give up on such stunts.
       Though the disease is not contagious, the symptoms like tension and anxiety is found to be affecting the people around the patients greatly, especially mothers!

Treatment: Though this disease is affecting students from decades, no effective treatment have been found for this yet. Some experts are of the opinion that Meditation and Pranayama helps. But these ideas are not tried. Reason? If all the time goes in thinking what to study, then from where will the poor students get time for these?

Thus the only technique that can cure this disease so far has been the completion of exams, which by the grace of universities, are dragged for months together.

The only people who are aloof from these days are the 'Toppers' Studies have told that the only reason for their developing resistance to this is their love of 'Text Books' which is beyond the comprehension of common people!


If anyone of you reading this do know a solution, please feel free to share it. It can save many lives!

One of the affected student :P

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)


  1. Such a hilarious post, .i was rolling out of laughter while reading this :-D commendable job done, i am sure millions of students can relate to it, this post is a story of every student, mindblowing post really thumps up:-)

  2. Hehe :D Fun post :D
    Enjoyed reading this.

  3. Delightful, Swathi! Hope you are not inflicted ... and if so, writing this post has relieved some of your suffering.
    Get well soon:)
    HUGS <3

  4. that was awesome!! hats off!

  5. Hilarious post.Loved the diagnosis. Could relate to the majority.

  6. Too funny! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Good one. I have a solution. During the study holidays, friends can opt for "combined study". (This is only excuse for the parents). In the name of combined study, friends can have good time - shopping, movies, eating, etc. If a boy-girl are in love, they could arrange a "combined study" for just the two of them.

  8. hehehehehe I used to suffer from this. Now I am past that age :P
    I laughed so much :D

  9. Now that brought back a whole lot of memories. Buddy systems worked for me - a group of friends checking up on each other is a good motivator.

  10. Hahaha this was hilarious Swathi! I feel sorry for you and the bunch of other who are going through the study holidays rigmarole. I was reminded of my own days of torture back in time.
    Best part was where you found a dot on the wall more interesting than studies ;)

  11. Such an entertaining post! I was taken back to my own study holidays. "how much did you finish?" If I had kept a count of how many times I heard that question during my study holidays I would have been a millionaire today! :)

  12. I am not even worried that I wasted my four years in college. But I am really worried I wasted all those study holidays when I could have enjoyed so much! :P

  13. Wonderful post, could easily relate to it. The word 'purgatory' caught my eye in no time. The best part is the guilt which one encounters during that time which takes away all the fun but nevertheless is the time when we watch majority of sitcoms and do all the stuff which we always wanted to do and enjoy..:)
    Cheers for the tangy tuesday picks selection

  14. Superb !! Hilarious ;)
    I wish I could be a student again :D

  15. Well written. Reminds me of the post I'd written on my engineering days. Check it:

  16. haha! Hilarious. Congratulations on back2back Tangy Tuesday :)


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