The Dark One!

He wanders in the dark,
Alone in the secluded park.
Gliding quietly like the mist,
Looking out for his tryst.

Eyes shining in the moon light,
As they scan through the night.
A pale smile crosses his face,
Adding more charm to his grace.

In the hunt he was immersed,
Waiting for quenching his thirst.
Watching out intently for the prey,
The predator's eyes never looking away!

 He grabs the passerby in a sec,
Piercing right through her neck!
He sinks his fangs in her vein,
And enjoys as she withers in pain.

As he licks away the blood that drips,
A smile adorns his beautiful lips.
Hiding his fangs behind that smile,
The dark one glides away in style.

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)


Swathi :)

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