If I Weren't Afraid!

       Today I came across a Blog Carnival on Write Tribe - Do Your Fears Hold You Back? It instantly piqued my interest. Each one of us have something or other that we fear. These fears rule us more than our strengths do! It's never easy to talk about our fears but here is a small attempt. What would I do if my fears weren't holding me back?

       The first thing I will do is pick up a microphone and sing my heart out. My mom always had this dream that I would be a singer someday. But I never really was able to fulfill her dream. Though people don't dislike my voice or throw eggs when I step on the stage (In fact I get compliments that I have a very melodious voice), I get nervous as soon as I face the crowd and blank out! It's very humiliating. I wish I could overcome that fear. If I do, the first thing I will do is go give an audition for some big singing competition and fulfill my mom's dream.

       This same fear of crowd holds me back from speaking up my mind. There will be so many things running inside my mind. But I can never speak them up. I hide behind my writing skills. What will others say? What if I am wrong? What if they laugh? Fears like this always hold me back. I wish I could put such fears behind me and move on with life. It will be awesome to feel confident and speak up my mind. Maybe gathering courage to answer questions or speak about an idea that I am too afraid to say otherwise. Maybe even say someone how much I love them or do something that my heart always wanted to! All these things are possible only if I can shed that fear of rejection and the fear of being mocked at!

       Wouldn't it be awesome if we can overcome our fears and lead a confident life? I am working hard on leaving behind these fears and start afresh. I know it is not easy but one step at a time and I believe that I will gradually reach my destination. What are your fears? Are you working on overcoming them?

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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