100 Happy Days - Day 11 to Day 20

       I know I am pretty late; but it's better late than never! I took a break after UBC July and was reluctant to give up the lazy time I was having. After coaxing myself a lot, here I am finally with the list of next ten days of happiness challenge.

Day 11: Yummy Cabbage Fritters prepared by mom.

Day 12: Finally got net pack for my cell. You will understand my happiness only if you have waiter for 3 full days after paying for net pack!

Day 13: Met PU friends at Alumni Inauguration held in college. It felt good to meet up with lecturers and friends after a long time.

Day 14: There is no greater happiness than sitting with mom and gossiping.

Day 15: Received writer's badge for my poem The Dance that was published on Writer's Ezine.

Day 16: Eating Bhel puri with my brother :D we both love this routine :)

Day 17: Being silly when with friends and knowing they won't judge you; instead they will join in with you.

Day 18: Completed Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2014 successfully after so much doubts and thoughts of dropping out in the middle!

Day 19: Reading a good novel before going to bed.

Day 20: End of placement training session! Oh God! Did I hate that 9 am to 6 pm sessions!

      There! I finished the list of next 10 days i.e 24th July to 2nd August. More to follow soon.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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