Black is Beautiful!

       Black has always been my favorite color, ever since I remember. When girls my age fancied to be dressed in pretty pink clothes, I used to ask mom to buy me black outfits. Of course my mom and grand mother would frown at my selection and buy me the dresses of their choice, never asking my opinion. Oh I hated those pink dresses! And when it came to gadgets and electronics, it was always my dad's decision. He was all for Peace! So Pink and white became the enemies of my childhood days!

       But once I grew up and I had the power to decide, I shopped as much black dresses as I can. My wardrobe is filled with them. Well most of it, save for the ones my mom buys. But with the gadgets, I still had bad luck. While buying laptop, I had clearly said white. But when my brother went to get me one, Black laptops were out of stock and he ended up bringing white! Ugh! Even when buying cell phone, there wasn't black available in the model I had selected. The choice was to select between white and metallic blue! Of course I didn't buy white one again! But the irony is it still had white ear phones. Aargh! Not again!

       How can one not love black? After all it is beautiful, sexy and mysterious! The mystery has never ceased to attract me. But of course there are some 'Black' things which I wish I don't get; like black eye or black money! Apart from a few like this, everything else is perfect. Here are some Black things I which I wish I could have.

1. Sony Xperia Z2:
       I want to get rid of my old phone for this new super hot Sony Xperia Z2 with 20.7 MP camera, super awesome recording features and what not! It was love at first sight. And my present phone is getting older too! It gets stuck all the time and restarts when I am doing something important (like reading ebooks) This is so not done. So the first thing I want is a new phone and when I am getting one, then why not the best? Lets go for Xperia Z2 only! (With black earphones please!)
2. Kindle Ereader:
       Though there is a phone that does everything, how good it will be to have a kindle? I can download books on the go and read comfortably without having to strain my eyes much. Also I don't have to carry loads of books with me if I am going on a long vacation. All I need to do is carry this cool device where all my books will be saved. Pretty cool right?

3. Lamborghini Aventador:
        Now who doesn't love this car? I definitely am head over heals for it and how I wish I could own one! It is a dream of mine to buy this shiny black beast someday and I do hope that 'someday' will soon arrive. For now, I will just have to gaze at the pic and fulfill my wish.

Isn't she a beauty?

4. Black Gown:
       Now that I have made a list of all cool things, shouldn't I look beautiful too? So that when I step out of this car, with a cool phone, I should look like the proud owner of them right? So that is why, next on my list is a black gown; the kind which princess and barbie wear in movies!  I always wanted to have one such gown since childhood but yes, a black one. Not the pink and white gowns the barbie wears! 

5. Black Stilettos:
       Now, to go with my black gown, I need an equally stylish pair of Black Stiletto. They complete the look. How terrible it would look if I wore sneakers with this gown? Eww!! I guess I will be punished for breaking the fashion code! And I definitely don't want that to happen. So I better make a wish for the Black Stilettos.

       Don't look at me like that. I have no practice in walking in these but I am definitely learning when I get one. 

      There! These are the five things in Black which I desire with all my heart! Oh there is something else. Can I possibly ask for a guy in black? Like Damon Salvatore or something? Well, I guess that is out of bounds! So this is it for now.

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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