I was in high school at that time. It was my friend's cousin's wedding. She was excited about it, what with all the events, shopping, fun that was going on during wedding. Her excitement was contagious and soon I found myself basking in the happiness too. Little did we anticipate the real deal that was going to follow.

       Her cousin Samhitha was a doctor. Samhitha's parents belonged to a middle class family. They had suffered a lot but their ambition was that their daughter to become a doctor someday. When this dream came true and Samhitha returned home with a medical degree, their joy knew no bounds! They were on cloud nine and they went on bragging about it. Once their initial excitement waned, next was the task of getting her married. Like every parent, they wanted their daughter to get the best guy and after searching a lot, they found one. The guy was well settled and belonged to a reputed family. He was a doctor too! What more could they ask for? Without much thought, they agreed and the preparations for wedding started.

       But things didn't go as planned. As the days passed and most of the preparations were made, the groom's parents started changing colors. They started making demands. First it started with "We don't want dowry, but we wish you would gift your daughter gold ornaments on her wedding. After all it will make her happy" Once this was fulfilled, next came the demand of house and soon followed the car for the groom. Wasn't he like their son now? Samhitha's parents had no choice but to oblige; after all the invitation cards were sent and the wedding date was around the corner. It had become a matter of respect now. What would people say if the wedding broke off? So they took loans and fulfilled all the needs.

       Samhitha tried convincing her parents not to do this but they would hush her saying she doesn't understand the norms of society. "Who would marry her again if the wedding was called off now?" they shot back. She was hurt by this attitude but she kept quiet after they refused to give in. She watched it all and remained silent. She waited patiently for her chance and it did come.

       Finally it was the day of wedding and celebrations were going on. Cousins, relatives, friends and colleagues of both bride and groom started flowing in. Soon it was time for the auspicious ceremony. The groom was about to tie the knot when Samhitha stood up. She looked at him with hate filled eyes and said "Wasn't it the car and house that you loved the most? I suggest you tie the knot to them only" Saying so, she left; without even sparing a second glance to the groom who sat their shell shocked, his mouth hanging open! He was disgraced in front of everyone, including his own people for the crime he had committed.

       I don't know what happened later. But this incident is still etched in my mind clearly, for it left a deep impact on me and changed my perspective towards society. She didn't care what people would think of her nor did she worry about her future. She just knew that supporting a crime is crime in itself and she didn't want to be a part of it. So she stood up for herself and that is the identity of a true Mardaani!

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