A Funny Incident!

       A funny thing happened on my way to Vodafone office three days back. Well funny or not, it depends on whose perspective you are viewing the incident from! I had paid for net pack but even after three days, I didn't receive any data pack! Since semester results were to be announced soon, I was pissed off having no access to net. Having called customer care number of times and still not getting proper response, I decided to take the matter to next step. I went to the retailer who had recharged initially and he called the manager. He asked me to visit the nearest Vodafone office so that they can look into the matter and fix it!

       I was totally angry with the service they were giving. First they had made me wait for so long and now they were asking me to travel so far! I was tired of hearing their filthy reasons. So I stormed off angrily towards their office. Adding to my frustration, it rained! I usually love rains but when I reached the office, I was totally drenched and my boots were squeaking. It definitely was not a pretty sight and it only fueled my anger more. I located the office and started walking towards it.

      When I reached the place, I saw a guy on the other side who was about to come out. He would have just opened the door but since I wasn't thinking clearly, I grabbed for the handle before he could and started pulling it. He stopped and looked up from his cell and watched me struggle. Yes, I was struggling because no matter how much I pulled, the door wouldn't budge even a little! It was still raining and I was standing there, fighting with the door, swearing under my breath. It must have been quite a sight because the guy on the other side stood there watching with an amused expression on his face. I didn't know what it was that he found funny but for me, the situation was far from funny!

      After a minute, I gave up and threw my hands up in air. I saw him smirk and it was just fueling my anger. He was enjoying it more than he should! Once he saw me give up, he raised his hand and swiftly gave it a pull and the door glided effortlessly. Gosh! All the time, I had been pulling at the door that said push! The guy walked out and chuckled as he passed by me. That was so embarrassing! Blinded by anger, I had walked straight into a trap. I should have made quite a scene because I noticed two other girls shake their head looking at me! Just then my cell beeped. It was a message from Vodafone saying 'recharge successful'! If it had happened half an hour ago, I could have saved myself all the embarrassment! Sigh!

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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