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       Winter is the time when being lazy is allowed. No one likes to get up early and go for walking or even do exercise. And sure enough, this results in gaining a few more pounds. But now that summer has approached and it is time for ice creams and vacations, every one is getting conscious about their weights and appearances. Every third person you speak to mentions going on a diet and losing those extra pounds.

       But in today's busy life, everyone looks for fast results. All they have in mind is they want to look like their favorite celebrities. And this leads to more and more people turning towards crash diets. They go on skipping meals for reducing calorie intake. Some even take it to an extreme level by going on liquid diets and consume no food at all! These methods may result in a faster weight loss but they are bound to fire back sooner or later. These people tend to put on weight faster when they quit or break their diet plan. It also tampers with their health, which is the most important factor.

       So, is there no way out? Of course there is. The way which is gaining popularity slowly and steadily - Balanced diet. We sure had learnt this school but none of us had actually paid attention to what it is. This diet includes consuming right type and right amount of food taking into consideration one's Body Mass Index (BMI). It includes eating healthy food like fruits, vegetables and staying away from the junk food. It also includes physical exercises. This method may result in slower results and people might steer clear from it as it includes exercises but it sure is meant to improve your health in the longer run. 

       Honey is one of the important ingredient for those who wish to lose weight. I still remember when my mom used to make me to drink a glass of warm lime water with a spoon of honey. She used to say that it works wonders but I just went along with it because I loved the taste of honey. But recently I stumbled upon this website of Honey Diet from Dabur which claims that it is a sweeter alternative for dieting. Honey has many benefits - it is a natural energy booster and immunity system builder. No wonder honey is a vital ingredient for those who are planning on going on diet. The site includes a lot of information about the Honey diet, right from the recipes, fitness tips to personalized expert advises. It also helps you to plan your diet routine depending on your BMI. The site is perfect spot for those who are looking for a healthy way of losing weight.

       So before you plan on going for diet, do check this site.

PS: This post is written for http://www.daburhoney.com/.

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