Untold Story of a Fighter!

        I was nervous. It was the first time I would be addressing such a huge gathering. "It will be fine, don't worry" said my mom, who appeared even more tensed than I was. I knew she was re-assuring herself more than me! "Yes mom, it will be fine" I said faking a confidence that I didn't feel within. "I will rock it" I smile and she tries too. "Ma'am everything is ready. They are all waiting for you" says the event organizer and I nod as I take in a deep breath. "This is it" I say myself. This was the day I was waiting for all my life and now finally my dream was coming true. It was the day my first novel would be launched and as a part of this event, I was supposed to read an excerpt of it to the audience. There will be so many people, reporters, cameras! The thought scared me. But the voice in me whispered that if I had come this far, then I can definitely handle this. And that's how, 15 minutes later, I ended up reading the prologue of the novel, which was based on my life story.

       She knew it was the end. She had tried her best but all her efforts were going vain! How long can anyone hold on? Her career, her respect, her love life, everything was at stake. She remembered good old days. Life was so good. Friends, family, love and success, everything seemed to be within reach; just name it and she had it. Caring parents, loving brother, best of the friends and a boy who would do anything for her. Then why was she standing at this place now, alone and away from everything and everyone she loved?

     She knew the answer even before the question ended. It all happened because of a stupid mistake. Because of her stupid desire to take on the world on her own. She had over looked everyone and everything! She had chosen her own path and decided to walk alone. And in the quest, she had lost things that were dear to her. But hadn't she done everything she could to make it right? How much more she had to try? How many times should I try! she thought frustrated.

       'Just once more' came the voice from inside. It was this very voice that had ushered her to walk on this path, that had made her believe in her dreams and chase them. Now it was asking her to go on once again? Would it be worth listening to it? she thought. 'Yes' came the answer. 'I have lost everything already, what more can I lose? I would try just once more, every single time, until I finally succeed' she thought. She stood up and wiped her tears. She smiled tentatively which slowly became genuine and walked out with an air of confidence. This time, she had to do it and show the world what she as capable of!

       I looked up from the book to my audience who were now enthralled by the introduction. I smiled at them. "That was the snippet of a story from my life. A journey of a girl who faced choices that changed her life forever. She could have given up and broken down like many of us do but she chose to fight. And you see the result today. Read more about it in my book" I say and hear the thunderous applause which makes me feel that all the effort I had put in, was worth it! I thank my lucky stars, though I believed more in hard work than in luck! After all hard work was what made me stand here today.

PS: This is a fiction post written in response for BlogAdda's prompt "Your life is going to be made into a novel! Write an introduction for this novel. How will you creatively reflect on your life spent?"

PS: This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda, the Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2014 and NaBloPoMo.

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