Last Conversation!

       I was reading a novel leisurely, sitting by the beach, revealing in the silence. The ambience was perfect and just when I thought the moment couldn't get any better, I heard a loud music. “How could you be so heartless” Eminem sang as my cell phone started buzzing. Cursing the person who called at such a beautiful time and cursing myself even more for not keeping the cell in silent, I picked up the phone. “Hello” said a melodious voice and suddenly my world stopped!

       I recognized the voice instantly though it had been ages since we last spoke. Once upon a time, we were best of friends but due to some mishaps, we had parted ways, on rather an unpleasant manner! Though he had tried to get in touch with me frequently through mails, I wasn't ready to budge. All his efforts were put to an end when I had blocked him finally! And now out of blue, he had called me and with his calls came the memories that I had suppressed in the deepest, darkest corner of my mind.

       “Hello Swathi?” he asked again, his voice unsure. “Yes it is. May I know who I am speaking to?” I feign ignorance. I swear I could feel him smiling at the other end. “Come on Swathi! Now don’t play innocent. I very well know that you recognize who I am” he said. He knew me so well! He was my best friend and my partner in crime! After my dear Diary, it was he, who held all my secrets. Even today, there was no point in fooling him. “Fine! I know who you are. What do you want?” I ask him, irritated by the fact that he understood me so well even today, after all this time!

       “I just called up for a friendly chat. I missed you” he said and it was evident that he was hurt. But why should I forgive him now after so much had happened? “I am not sure if I want to talk with you boy!” I said. “Would you say the same even if you learned that this probably could be the last time we can chat?” he asks and I suddenly feel uneasy. “What do you mean?” I ask, very well aware as to what his reply would be! “You guessed it right dear. I don’t have many days left” he says and though he tries to seem nonchalant, I see right through the facade. I had heard from our mutual friends that he was unwell these days, but I never knew the matter was this serious!

       “Hey! I haven't called up to invite you to any pity party. I just wanted to review our good days once, before I close my eyes forever” he said and I couldn't help but set the memories free from the nutshell, where they were struggling, demanding for freedom! And once I do that, they flow freely, making me nostalgic. It was the early years of my teen when I had first met him and oh, I was so happy! Every waking hour of mine was spent with him, chatting away, sharing secrets. You would think I was in love with him and I would say you aren't far off the mark. Yes I loved him, but not in the way you think. He was my best friend and the mediator of my love story. I was in love with his friend and he was the one who was helping me in this little love story of mine.

       My love story began as usual, with hi’s and hello’s which soon turned into how are you’s. All these messages were initially exchanged through him; he was our mediator after all. But as days passed, we fell for each other, exchanged numbers and our chats became more personal. Even then, when we had to exchange cards, we still relied on him as our mediator. And he was faithful as always. But what neither of us knew was the reality of his friend. It was after a long time, that I learnt the truth. He was a player and he was playing with my friend too! He had double crossed both of us! I was hurt, broken, and angry; all at the same time! I had cut all means of contact with that guy and in that moment of hurt, I had stopped talking with my friend too!

       “You should have told me before. Then nothing of this sort would have happened!” was what I repeated every time he tried to sort out things. I didn't listen to him. I kept receiving mails initially, pleading to come back in his life but I was too hurt to consider that! And then I blocked him forever! I know it was not his fault but at that time, blocking him had given me some sort of peace, some sense of content!

       “I am sorry” I say as I come back to present. “I know I shouldn't have blamed you for all those things. You were always good to me. It was me who should have been careful” I wipe off the tear that was now obscuring my vision. “It’s OK Swathi. Just know that I didn't mean bad to you and always loved having you around” he says and a meek “I know” escapes my mouth. “Just be careful from now on OK? There are so many people like him out there, tying to fool unsuspecting people. Just make sure you don’t fall in their trap ever again” he says. I know he was speaking the truth; I had experienced it. “I will” I say as he waits for my response. “That’s like my good girl” he says and I manage a weak smile through the tears.

       We chatted for a long time, reminiscing our beautiful time together. Those smiles, those secrets and the fun we had! Together we had made so many friends and had some wierdest conversations too! Remembering those, we laugh till our stomach hurt. But as time passed, I could hear his breathing become heavy. “I guess I have to go now” he says just as I expected. “OK Take care dear. I miss you” I tell him as I get emotional again. “Now! Now! Stop crying! You know I hate tears! Take good care of yourself and don’t forget me ever! I will miss you too” he said and before I could reply, the line goes blank!

      How could I forget someone who had given me so much to remember! Despite his plea, few tears escaped my eyes. I wanted to tell him so much but no words came out. “Bye Orkut” I finally managed to say, wishing his soul would rest in peace.

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Until the next post,
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Swathi :)

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