It is a Century!

       139 days back I had took a bold step and started my blog. I say bold because being a shy girl all my life, sharing my thoughts with the world was something that I didn't think would be easy. I had been juggling about the whole blogging idea from almost two years but that little nagging doubt in my head was stopping me from turning it into reality. Finally after a little push from my friends and the positive response I got after writing for a creative story writing competition in college, I jumped in to Blogosphere and after that there was no turning back.

       Participating in challenges like A - Z challengeUBC April 2014 and UBC July 2014, different contests hosted by BlogAdda and also in fiction Prompts, my blog grew steadily and so did my confidence with each post. I made many friends. I read many posts. I smiled and I cried. When I wanted to share something, I created new characters and gave them my voice. It always felt good. Also the blog brought out the poet in me, which I didn't know existed. I found out about the hidden passion in me for writing, which before this, was just confined to my diary entries. It felt good to break free from the boundary and enter into a new world. 

       And I am glad I did! Who would have thought I would write my 100th post this soon? I definitely hadn't! I am totally excited as I write this post.

       During this journey, I have been published in two online magazines (Check my poem on Writer's Ezine here), have written for two anthologies and also have joined for a writing Internship program by Tell-a-Tale this month which I am definitely enjoying. You can read my internship posts here. To sum it up all in one sentence, it feels awesome to be following my heart after all these years. 

       Thank you everyone who helped me achieve this feat, supporting me with encouraging comments and also gently correcting me when I was wrong. Keep visiting and keep showering my blog with love. After all, this wouldn't have been possible without your support. It's definitely time for celebrations!

       I can go on talking about how happy I am today but for today, let me stop here. Have a great day folks.

PS: Linking this post to the Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2014 and NaBloPoMo.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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