Sunday 13 July 2014


       I was at my friend's home and we were having a chat over snacks. Shortly her mom joined us and we started talking about how college life is. We were thoroughly enjoying the conversation. Suddenly my friend received a text on her cell phone and after that it was like only me and her mom talking. She had completely dropped out of the conversation, just inserting some hmmms and ohs in the middle, without even paying attention to what we were talking! At some point, I got irritated and asked her "Who is it that you can’t wait to chat with till later? Is it your boyfriend?" And to my surprise she said hmmm. There was sudden silence in the room, I was looking at her mom, who was looking at my friend, and my friend was happily busy texting with a goofy smile on her face, totally clueless to the change in her surroundings. After sometime, she did lift her head and seeing our faces, she asked "What?" without realizing what she had said minutes ago. Of course it was a LOL moment for us; though it took weeks before her mom stopped suspecting her and watching her over like a hawk. This is an incident that depicts Phubbing.

       Online dictionary defines Phubbing as an act of snubbing people in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention. This act has become very common these days, what with everyone becoming the devotees of their cell phone. It is not just about texting; it can be anything like playing games (candy crush is in vogue of lately), checking mails, watching videos or just surfing the web. Most of the time, this Phubbing act can get very annoying!

       It's not that I don't indulge in this! I do. I am a normal human being after all! But with me, it’s not texting. I hate texting. Yes, you read it right. I am the kind of person who will call up someone if I have anything to ask rather than wasting hour’s texting. I hate texting, point straight! But it is blogging that I use my cell for. I keep reading and commenting on blogs when I have free time. It annoys whoever is with me as they think I am ignoring them! And let me tell you, I have been chastised for this act a lot by my mom and friends.

       This is what happens usually in Phubbing. Though we can't give up our cell phones totally, we can try and pay attention when someone is trying to strike a conversation instead of snubbing them off by looking at cell. It will help maintain relationships. Else while we keep trying to make friendship with people on the virtual world, the real ones will keep on weakening! So here are some little tips that we all can use 

  • There is a life outside your cellphone! Learn to appreciate it!
  • Chatting with friends on Facebook and Whats app is of course exciting; it lets you keep updated as to what is happening in their life. But paying attention to what is going on right beside you will help you keep you updated about your own life as well!
  • Games are fun! How can I deny that? But have fun with friends while they are with you. Cell phone will be with you all the time to play games when you are alone and bored.
  • Don't jump like a hungry wolf when you receive a text/mail notification on your phone. It will be there until you check it.  If it is very important, make sure you excuse yourself from the person you are talking with before you get busy with your phone.
  • Music is everyone's favorite. But don't force your choice on others by playing loud music in public places! There is something called earphones; use it.
  • And most important, if you are with your friends or family, people who matter, then avoid using cell phones all the time. Don't make them feel neglected!

       The list of do's and dont's can go on! But let me stop here. Do you have anything to add? Or perhaps an incident to share?

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)


  1. As a mom of two beautiful daughters, I can totally relate to this! I wish that when they are with me that the phone would stay in their purses! I have started doing this back at them to see if I can make them understand. I think it might backfire and I will become a Phubber, too!

  2. Great post! I had never heard the word phubbing but I am sorry to admit I have been guilty of it. I especially liked your advice: "Don't jump like a hungry wolf when you receive a text/mail notification on your phone." This is the one that is hard for me!

  3. Oooooops thats exactly how I am :D:P

    Besides this post swathi I gotta tell you one thing
    You are a fabulous writer girl!! You are one of those bloggers that I just love to read:)

  4. Great post, Swathi. Love your tips. I'd never heard of that term Phubbing but so many people are guilty of it these days. I admit I do my fair share of Phubbing on Facebook and don't always listen attentively if my family is talking to me. Thanks for the reminder to interact with the real world as it's more important than the electronic one but often I forget that.

    Oh, and on that topic, Happy Embrace Your Inner Geek Day!

  5. Great tips! I find it helps to place my phone on the table face-down so I'm not tempted to look at every single alert that pops up.

  6. Terrific post, Swathi! I agree with you. I learned a new word today 'phubbing" and it annoys me no end when people would rather stay attached to technology than enjoy face-to-face time with people. So glad there's no danger of me every phubbing!

  7. This is a great post. There is nothing that irritates me more than someone with their head so into their cell phone they can't even stop to watch a movie, enjoy family, or eat. Some can't even go to the bathroom without their phone. It is ridiculous.

  8. Nice. I agree with you. This texting and SMS is more popular only in India. I rarely see that much in other countries. The worst is "missed call". Hey, if you don't have money to call someone, don't call, period.

  9. I can totally understand Swathi... I do it so many times.... with WhatsApp and Candy Crush always in ur mind this just happens!!!
    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  10. Hahahaha thaknkx fr mentioning candy crush i kinda relate to this post :-P

  11. Very informative....i didn't know it was called phubbing and I, like everyone else plead guilty to it except it's not candy's Hay Day that's usually on! :P

  12. That's a great post. "Phubbing".. heard this word for the first time but it sounds interesting.

  13. Absolutely love this term, 'Phubbing'. I guess we all suffer from it now.

  14. It is so thoughtful Swathi, so mature and absolutely right. Youngsters should go through your post! Keep it up!

  15. you hate texting?? ahaan?? :P

    well this was totally me!! :D

    but sometimes virtual world seems closer than the real world!

  16. This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

  17. well I think the new gadgets are becoming a nuisance.. I beleive a phone is to make and receive a fone call so one shud use it for just that ..
    Gone are the days when come sunday everyone ran to the ground to make sure they get the best part of the ground to play.. Now hardly anyone in the big grounds as kids are busy on their phone games or ps3's

    and hey reading the above comment congrats on being chosen :)
    just proves how good the article is :)


  18. I am guilty of that at times and yeah, it's a very annoying habit.

  19. Phubbing is know there's another term for this too...I mean this kind of behaviour... Nocialising !


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