Thousands of words, thousands of emotions,
                Goes through her mind, rips her apart.
                She wants to be heard by someone who cares,
                By someone who can understand her heart.

                She cries at night, unheard by the world,
                For she couldn't bear the hurt anymore!
                A decrepit soul had she become from within,
                She knew no more to laugh!

               She wore a mask in front of the folks,
               And she smiled though she cried inside.
               For she knew they wouldn't care anyhow,
               How credible her thinking was!

               She wished someone would come by someday,
               To end her sufferings and redeem her heart.
               A pensive look crossed her face,
               When she dreamt inspite of the past.

                I will believe, I will hope,
                She tried to convince herself.
                She longed to smile for real one day,
                By letting go of her wounded self.


PS: This poem is written for Three Word Wednesday prompt 3WW CCCLXVIII which required the usage of 3 words Credible, Decrepit and Pensive.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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