“I can’t do it Smriti!” cried Aman. He kicked the foot rest that was next to him. The beast in him was raging. Aman had completely surrendered to it. He didn’t even pay any heed to the pleas of Smriti who was constantly trying to calm him down. He had had enough. He had worked so hard for the concert & now when it was time for him to prove himself in front of the world & most importantly to himself, the memories of the past came rushing back. He remembered the taunts his father used to make. “You are no good! This singing is not your thing. Why don’t you just give it up” He had always lived in fear believing those words, never trying to explore his talent, afraid that people might laugh at him; until Smriti came. Once Smriti entered his life, he had started to believe slowly; in himself, his capabilities. He was slowly trying to get out of the shell he had hid himself for so many years. She was like music to his wounded soul. And for the first time in years Aman dared to dream. He aspired to become a singer and with music touch the hearts of people. But every time he held the mike, his father’s face and his harsh words kept flashing in his mind. He felt like he was crippled for life.

        Not being able to withstand the pressure & the fact that he was so weak, Aman threw the vase which was next to him. “Aman!!!” the cry finally caught his attention. He turned around to see Smriti watching him with a weirdest expression, a mix of fear & sympathy. Seeing fear for him in the eyes of Smriti, Aman finally broke out of his trance. He sat there, face in his hands, and whispered “Why me Smriti?” She brought a cup of coffee for him and ordered him to drink it. Like a child, Aman obliged her and slurped the coffee, still afraid to meet her eyes.

           Smriti's heart wrenched to see him in such a vulnerable position. She carefully chose her words. “Aman you can either keep thinking about your past. Then you will be afraid for your whole life. Or you can choose to start a new life. You can prove to your dad how wrong he was when he looked down on you. Just because someone said that you can’t do it, doesn’t mean you have to believe them and quit trying. You will never know your strength unless you try. I know you can do it. I believe in you. You just have to believe in yourself and then you can make wonders happen”

      Aman looked at Smriti with childlike eyes believing in every word she said, desperately hanging on to each of them for he knew she was true and that she would always stand by him no matter what happened. So with a renewed confidence, Aman slowly picked up his guitar and started strumming the wires, ready to put the past back and give his best.

PS: This post is in response for the 3 Word Wednesday writing prompt 3WW CCCLXVII which required the use of 3 words Aspire, Beast and Slurp in the story.

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