"This is just a piece of junk dear!", said her hubby looking at the old bicycle that once belonged to her father.

       All the images of her childhood started flashing before her eyes, where this bicycle, which lay in its ruins now due to the recent accident, was a prized possession to her dad.

       "When we can buy a brand new two wheeler now, I don't understand why you still want to hold on to this", he said, not even once understanding how much that bicycle meant to her.

       She slowly went near the it, remembering all those difficulties they had faced to buy it, all those errands they had made for selling things, by going house to house, to meet their daily requirements and all those memories which were more than mere money!

       Taking in a deep breath and wiping away the tear that had escaped her eyes, she slowly said, "I wouldn't sell this, not even if someone offers me a million, because even in it ruins, this is still my most valuable treasure!"

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PS: This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction and the prompt word this week is RUINS.

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