It's time, she thought!
To give up the boring routine
And start something new,
Where she can feel alive. 

She looked up the mountain,
Where the sky divers climbed!
And watched with awe,
As they kissed the sky.

She wished to feel the rush,
And the joy of flying alike!
But the phobia hit her hard,
Making her wonder if she can!

I will do it, she said out loud,
As she enlisted herself for the task.
There is nothing to be afraid of,
Its just a matter of fact!

The ground felt authentic; sky unsure,
As she steadied herself for the fall.
It's foolish to try, just give up!
Whispered a small voice inside!

Eyes closed, she took a leap of faith,
And jumped without thinking twice.
Exhilarating was how it felt,
As adrenaline rushed through her heart.

Oh the joy, the feeling of being alive,
She had never felt so all her life.
She looked down and smiled again,
As the wind kissed her eyes.

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PS: This post is a part of Three Word Wednesday's 3WW CCCLXX  prompt and this week's words are Authenticate, Enlist and Phobia.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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