Recently I and my friend got into a debate about our education system. It all started when our university results came out. "Our Education system is so corrupted", she said with anger. I didn't understand the reason behind her anger. She had scored 73%, that means a FCD! I felt she had no reason to behave this way. But what she said set my mind to thinking..

      "I have every reason to behave this way! Don't you see it? These days marks are the only things that matter. How you scored it, whether by cheating or by hard work doesn't even matter! There is no value for talent! And these corrections, I don't understand what gives them the right to take it so lightly. I should have got more than this!" she huffed.

     I could see what she was pointing at, but I didn't agree completely with her. There was always revaluations if your results are wrong. And marks surely aren't everything. These days interviews are conducted such that only people with real talent get a job. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry who has mugged up the whole syllabus for exams and poured it on the day of exams or who copied from his neighbor can get a job.

           But my friend wasn't ready to agree. She went on saying "Do you like to apologize for something you didn't do? It's like that when it comes to revaluation. You pay for some one else's mistake! And what about the people who can't afford it? Have you ever thought how difficult it will be for them if they fail because of someone's negligence? And talking about real talent, there is nothing as such. Marks is the measure of potential. No one asks about what you know, they ask about how much you scored!"

       I was beginning to slightly understand what my friend was saying. And I partly agreed with her. Though marks aren't everything, they sure has become a way to gauge you in most of the places. The first thing any relative would ask you would be "Beta, how much did you score this time?" Even parents compare their child's performance with their neighbor's child. It is like a matter of prestige for them to have their child perform better than the neighbor.

         But there are many good things about our education system. There are a lot of IITs, medical colleges, CA coaching centers and much more to encourage students in different fields. Scholarships are given to students who are in need to aid them, free schools are set up. There are many good things. But after the debate with my friend, I had to agree, there were some loop holes. Sometimes students are getting overly stressed. There is a slight lack of practical education.

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               We never reached to an agreement. Both were defending our sides. I guess like the old saying goes, good and bad are the two sides of a coin. They always come together. It's up to us to select the good things while staying aware of the bad things.

PS: This post is written as a part of Project 365 program and today's prompt was 'Bone of Contention'

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