Time flies by when you are happy, when you are with loved ones, when you are having fun. And partying with friends means fun unlimited! We didn’t know how the hours passed & the party came to an end! There is always excitement in the whole group when it comes to birthdays. That’s the only time when all 7 of us meet without giving any excuses (most of the time). Student life is so fun. Partying, hanging out, excitement, fun, birthdays, silly fights, picking on each other! But all this is fun only when we have friends to celebrate with. They make life so much better!

             And this post is for my best friend Sadiya Sayad, who happens to celebrate her 21st birthday today (OOPS!! Saddy is blurted out your age! Hope you don’t mind) we both were groggy and there was still 30mins for the clock to strike 12am! There is always this competition among us as to who would wish first. When we wait for something, time stretches on and on! And for the two of us who can chat 24*7 about any topic under the sun (even absolute nonsense included); there was nothing for once to talk about! Somehow we made it till 12 & I no prizes for guessing who wished first. (I did. Yay!)

            The party in the evening; it was so fun. All 7 of us met at Saddy’s home. And the craziness, there was no limit to it. We played, we teased, pulled each other’s leg (Oh we do that all the time) and laughed till our stomach hurt. The dumb shell act was the best part, where each of us tried to give the other the most difficult movie but in the end it turned out to be a draw. But the game itself was awesome.

              Here are some of the snaps from the party.

(The pudding Saddy cooked)

              And hence one more day has been added to the list of memorable days. When it comes to friends, I don’t think I could have ever got a friend better than her, who is always there for me and most importantly whose craziness level matches with mine ;) (If anyone overheard our conversation, I think both of us would end up in an asylum) Cheers to our friendship :)

Until the next post,
Keep smiling :)

Swathi :)

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