Someone asked me today, “Why do you write blog?” I quite didn't understand the question. I had to ask again to be sure what they meant. So the question was re framed as “What made you write the blog? Do you write because you like to or do you write for people to read and praise you?”

       The question was pretty simple. It was just a casual chat and my friend asked the question out of curiosity. But for me, it was very difficult to answer in just few words. There was a long story behind it. My love for writing goes way back in time; as far as I can remember. Being a shy girl, I always used to detest speaking in front of people. I tried a lot but every time I was made to face the crowd, I used to go blank. Trust me, it wasn't like I was short on ideas or I didn't have anything to say. I did have a lot of things running on my mind and I wanted to express them but the crowd made me forget it. Demo phobic, you can say! I used to make a fool of myself every time and slowly I stopped trying.

       That’s when I found the love of my life, my diary! Being someone who didn't like to speak much, I developed a bond with my diary. Slowly we became the best of friends and as our friendship progressed, I discovered that I could write easily what I feared to express in front of people. I kept on scribbling each night. That’s how the journey began. Though it wasn't about anything in particular, I wrote. People tend to share their joys and sorrows with their loved ones but for me it was always my diary. Not that there weren't people to listen to me but I had a problem saying out loud.

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       My love for writing made me an avid reader too. I started reading novels. And every time I read something good, I dreamt of writing like that. I wanted the world to read my ideas too! So you get the picture of where my love for writing comes from. It was the only means for me to vent out my feelings. And then Blogger happened! I wonder why I didn't stumble on this before. It was a year and half back when I first learnt about this wonderful place where people write for the sheer joy of writing (Well most of them). 

       It sounded like a paradise to me. To someone who was crazy about writing, the idea of meeting similar people with whom I can probably connect sounded exotic. But what took me so long to start blogging was that same old enemy, fear! I wasn't sure of myself. There were many questions like what will I write? What if I can’t? Then I came across a blogger, probably the first blogger that I read and still read, Gayu Di, as I call her fondly (Hop over to her blog. You will love it) Her writings were always an inspiration and I slowly started to believe in myself. She always spoke her mind and in many ways, it touched my heart. Everytime she posted something inspirational, it felt like she was speaking to me. Till date I follow her blog and Facebook page regularly.

       I got the final push I needed when our college conducted a creative story writing competition. I had refused to participate in the initial days thinking I couldn't do it but on the final day of submitting the entries, I couldn't hold back anymore and decided to give it a try. Guess what? I got a positive response and just like that I started the blog without thinking twice because I knew, if I didn't start soon, then my mind would come up with 1000 more escape plans! And now here I am! Finally into the blogging world!

     Coming back to the question, “Do I write because I want to be read?” Well that’s not my sole purpose. I write because I love it, it gives me a soothing feeling. It makes me happy. And thought it hasn't been long since I started blogging, I have started to regain the long lost confidence. I am a little braver than before because I have finally recognized my strength. I have tried my hands in many fields but this is one thing that has remained with me over time and been my constant companion. That is what writing means for me and that is why I write. Though praises are not what I write for, I don’t mind people reading my blog ;) who doesn't love to be read? Feedback always gives the necessary encouragement to keep going.

       So what is that you write for? 

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)


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