The day had started normally with no signs of the adventure that would continue later! It was during the first year of our engineering probably. Same classes and same routine. I and Sadiya both were bored by the end of the day. And to top it up, we had to stand an hour long in the queue to pay some fees (I don't remember what it was but the wait was frustrating!) And by the end of the day, we were totally exhausted. No energy left what-so-ever.

       That's when the crazy idea popped up. Cooking! Recently we both had caught the 'cooking-tasty-dishes' virus and always looked up for something new to try. So we decided to give Kachori a try. If anyone had told me an hour ago that we would be doing something like this in some time, I would have laughed at them. But here we were, on this crazy mission of cooking Kachori.

       Since Sadiya's house was nearest to college, that's where our crazy plan started taking shape. The first challenge was recipe. But that was simple. We got it from here, the site I usually refer. The   next task was ingredients collection. There were many things that was on the list but not available at that time. Still not willing to give up, we took Sadiya's Dio and went for shopping. After roaming for a long time, we finally managed to collect every item on the list. Hurrah!!

       Being amateur cooks, we needed some help. And Sadiya's mom was more than willing to help. But we two desperately wanted to try our cooking skills, and so, we were reluctant to take help. Finally aunty settled down in guiding us and we happily took over the kitchen. It took nearly two hours for us to complete everything. And that two hours probably one of the craziest and fun filled time we had in our college life! Here is how the product of our efforts looked (The credits of garnishing goes to our craze for Master chef Australia series)

       So Kachori was ready and the next question was who would taste it first!! That was a topic we fought over for sometime before aunty finally agreed to do the honors (By the way we weren't fighting for taking the first bite. We both wanted the other to do it! you know, just in case!!) Turned out it was awesome and just like that, before we knew, the bowl was empty just leaving the memories of that evening behind! (I hope Sadiya won't mind me making this incident into a post!)

PS: Linking this post to ABC Wednesday's K prompt. For me it's K for Kachori!!

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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