And here comes the most awaited day.. The 'Theme Revelation' day for the A-Z Challenge 2014. This is the first time I am taking this challenge and I am super excited about the whole thing.


       I had read so many people mention this and was curious to see what it meant. I loved what I found out. Blogging with a specific letter everyday for one whole month (Challenge accepted!), getting to know fellow bloggers, increase of traffic to your blog and by the end of the challenge, making friends. Sweet! It sounded as pleasant music to my ears! I couldn't wait to sign up for it.

       And then came the next challenge; picking up a theme. At first I decided I would blog without any particular theme. But what is life without a little challenge? So after searching for days and striking out almost every theme on my list, either because it was too difficult or because I couldn't connect much with the topics in that theme, I decided to go easy on myself as it's been only 21 days since I started blogging (Yeah you read it right!). So am a newbie in this massive blogging world, trying to find my footing amongst millions!

       It's time to reveal the theme I have come up without creating anymore suspense. I Call it 'The Flavors of Life' (Thanks Sadiya for helping me out with this one) It's all about the emotions. There are hundreds of emotions in our life. Life becomes boring without these! And what better theme could I find other than this to aid me in this first ever challenge. So I have decided to pick up one emotion a day beginning with the letter for that particular day and write something about it - a story, poem or maybe some real life incident. This is how it's going to be in the next month. Good? Awesome? Boring? How do you think is the theme? Do let me know!

       Hoping I can stick to this challenge till the end and write all the 26 posts required on time! Fingers crossed!!

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)