I finally had got the much needed break I longed for from so many days. But that wasn’t free of cost! I had traded this freedom with one of the events I wanted to take part in Techzone (Well what Techzone is, is for another post) I finally got to spend Sunday morning lazing around without having much to do. Well I did have assignments to complete but that was for later. All I wanted was some lazy time. But things seldom go as you wish and soon I got another work to do. To get my voter ID card corrected. I wanted to get it corrected from so many days but didn't have time for it. And today they had come near my home and mom wanted me to get it corrected when I had a chance. There goes my lazy Sunday!!!

        So I started filling form. My grandpa had warned me to pen it down elsewhere first and then to copy to the form. But since I was on the lazy mode, I directly started filling form and being the absent minded girl that I am, I wrote it wrong! Trying not to bring this to my parents’ notice for the fear I might be chided for my over confidence, I slowly tried applying the whitener. But that damn thing had stopped working. I tried, tried and tried but it was of no use! Still not willing to give up I slowly opened the nozzle and turned the whole thing upside down. Since it wasn't working, I had assumed that thing to be empty but for the love of God, it started spitting whole fluid on my hands! I was lucky that there was a waste sheet of paper I was experimenting with earlier to shield the form from this or I dare not imagine what the outcome would have been!

        By this time, my disastrous experiment caught my mom’s attention and she called out my brother to help me out while removing the form and keeping it in a safer place. My brother was very careful not to touch the ink spilled for he didn't want to get his hands stained where as my left hand had totally turned white, like I had got painted my hand with a white paint. I slowly went to the sink and started washing both my hands. I was just thinking how silly I was to have done such a thing when my brother screamed “Are you out of your mind?” At first I didn't understand what he was talking about but when I followed his eyes, I was equally appalled! Both my hands were now White as the snow! And I had a function to attend in the evening where I would be receiving prize! Whitener fluid isn't something that can be washed off easily! I imagined going up the stage with these hands and shuddered at the thought! I thought I was doomed…

        That’s when my brother stared taking action. He brought a bottle of kerosene, an old brush and started to wipe off the marks slowly by frequently dipping the brush in kerosene. He kept saying that he wouldn't have done it if I didn't have a function to attend. It took him nearly 10 minutes to wash off all the stains. When he was done, it was his turn to panic. In the process of helping me, he had completely stained his hands. And I couldn't help but laugh at the expression. But having seen how I had messed up, he was careful not to spread the stain further and washed it off effectively unlike me!

         When both of us were done, we came back inside where I found mom washing her hands. When I asked what happened, she said she was trying to help us by putting the nozzle back and now she too had stains on her hands which refused to go! I and my brother looked at each other for a second and then both burst out laughing. It was a fun filled time, all thanks to the whitener (or probably to my absent mind!) And yes! I am never going to open the nozzle of a whitener ever again in my life!!

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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